V2C-3KE Pegasus Gyro Machine

Vega Series Electric Gyro Machine, 2 Columns, 3 kW, 208V


- Pegasus Vega Series Heavy Duty Electric Vertical Broilers are culinary champions, constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel.
- Featuring heavy duty powerful electric elements, these broilers ensure precise heat distribution for perfect gyros, doner kebab, shawarma, and al pastor.
- Whether you`re a professional chef or a cooking enthusiast, this gas gyro machine is your go-to solution for achieving mouthwatering results every time.
- Elevate your cooking experience with this robust and innovative appliance, bringing the authentic flavors of street food into your kitchen effortlessly.
- Electric 208V-240V.
- 3 Phase (Field convertible to 1P).
- Heavy duty electric elements.
- Adjustable stainless steel shields.
- Catch pan and skewer set included.
- Burner structure moves back and forth on a rail. ▪ Large grease pan.
- Heavy-gauge stainless steel body.
- Dual-direction powerful 120V motor.
- One year limited warranty (USA & Canada only).
Spec Sheet

# Code Lenght (mm/inch) Depth (mm/inch) Height (mm/inch) Weight (kg/lb) Power
1 V2C-3KE 492 / 19.37” 598.5 / 23.56” 753 / 29.65” 31.5 / 69.44 2 kW