VCA30DL8112 Atlantic Merchandiser

Concord Open Merchandiser, Remote, 30


Stand out features for concept building
Practical design for simple installation and maintenance
Efficient in energy consumption with higher evaporation temperature
Designed with safety in mind
Ideal for wide variety of food presentations
Designed for modular configurations
Retrofit solutions for new energy efficiency requirements
Low operating costs
Available with double / single glazed hinged door and sliding glass door options
Spec Sheet

# Code Lenght (mm/inch) Depth (mm/inch) Height (mm/inch)
1 VCA30DL8104 4ʼ-5”L 30”D 81”H
2 VCA30DL8106 6ʼ-6”L 30”D 81”H
3 VCA30DL8108 8ʼ-6”L 30”D 81”H
4 VCA30DL8112 12ʼ-6”L 30”D 81”H
5 VCA38DL8104 4ʼ-5”L 38”D 81”H
6 VCA38DL8106 6ʼ-6”L 38”D 81”H
7 VCA38DL8108 8ʼ-6”L 38”D 81”H
8 VCA38DL8112 12ʼ-6”L 38”D 81”H
9 VCA43DL8104 4ʼ-5”L 43”D 81”H
10 VCA43DL8106 6ʼ-6”L 43”D 81”H
11 VCA43DL8108 8ʼ-6”L 43”D 81”H
12 VCA43DL8112 12ʼ-6”L 43”D 81”H